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Fixed braces

Written by Dr Dijana Kalem  /  Published: Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Today fixed braces are used in a very wide age range of patients. The youngest patients wearing fixed braces are about ten years old, while the upper limit almost does not exist. Fixed braces therapy depends exclusively on the orthodontist, so the success of therapy is certain. Unlike with removable braces, patients cannot remove them, thus not affecting the course of therapy. Fixed braces can be traditional (external) and lingual (internal).

Lingual fixed braces are completely invisible as they are located on the inner side of teeth.

Traditional fixed braces can be metal (grey) and aesthetic (white, transparent)

Fixed braces are the most natural way to solve the problem of misaligned teeth position and misaligned jaw. The duration of fixed braces therapy is one of the most common questions of our patients and it is highly individual. Some patients will correct their teeth position in just a few months and completely solve the problem, while others will wear braces for several years. It all depends on the type and severity of the problem. There are no two identical men, hence no two completely identical irregularities in patients.

Instead of elastic bands, self-ligating fixed braces use a built-in clip to connect the archwire and brackets, thus reducing friction and accelerating therapy. The orthodontist decides on whether you are a candidate for self-ligating fixed braces at the very examination.

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    Non-metal ceramics (before)
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    Non-metal ceramics 2 (after)
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    Dental trauma (after) - Zirconium ceramics
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    Implants case 1
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    Implants case 1
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    Implants case 3
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    Implants case 3
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    Non-metal ceramics - before
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    Non-metal ceramics - after
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    Non-metal ceramics - before
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    Non-metal ceramics - after
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    Non-metal ceramics - after
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    Non-metal ceramics - after
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    Metal ceramics on implants - before
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    Metal ceramics on implants - after